Happy spring! Though this is not a comprehensive maintenance list by any means (that could get long!), it’ll help you plan out a few projects throughout the month of March. Consider these top priority!


Check your fire extinguisher. You’ll want to verify that the lock pin is intact and press the test indicator to take the pressure reading.  No pressure or not fire extinguisher – time to get one!

Clean your garbage disposal. Giving your garbage disposal a thorough cleaning will help keep bacteria and resulting odor at bay.  Use ice cubes and baking soda.


Clean showerheads. You can use a simple vinegar soak to remove sediment and mineral deposits so water flows unobstructed.  No more spraying all over the place but where you want the shower water to hit!

Living Areas

Test smoke and carbon monoxide detectors. Use the TEST button on your smoke and carbon monoxide detectors to make sure the siren still works. Be sure to replace the batteries if you don’t hear the alarm sound.

Clean the fireplace. Cleaning your chimney will help prevent soot buildup and chimney fires.